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Fix and Flip Loans

LTV’s to 75%, some cases 80%.  Rehab Loans to Individuals or Entities. Rates start at 8% depending on investment experience and  LTV.  Fast Closings. No Junk Fees. No Income Verification. No Tax Return Requirements. BPO for single family residences. First time flippers welcome. Up to 90% of the purchase and always 100% of the rehab costs. No pre-pay penalty.



Commercial Real Estate Investment Loans. Purchase or Refinance

Small balance loans from $100,000 to $3,500,000. 15 year term. Up to 30 yr. Amortization. Rates 8.5% to 13.9% . Purchase LTV to 75%. Cash out at 65% LTV. No pre-pay penalty.   Larger loans to $50,000,000


1-4 Unit Residential Purchase or refinance (Short term Bridge)

LTV to 75% for purchase or rate/term refinance. To 65% cash out refinance. Credit as low as 550. No minimum for entity applicants. 12mo. – 24 mo. term. No pre-pay penalty. Rates from 9%



30 year Rental Program for Landlords

LTV to 80% for rate/term refinances,  70% for cash out refinances. Only 6 months ownership seasoning. Credit as low as 620 eligible. Rates from 5.9%. 30 year fixed or 3,5 or 7/1 ARM available.

Business Loans
Working Capital/Business Cash Advance Loan!

Or you are in a non traditional type business.    Is your business run from home?Looking for a working capital loan with low monthly payments? Or maybe you need emergency cash but you haven’t been in business long.

We can get your business quick funding with one of our loan programs