House Flipping Loans for Fix & Flip/Fix & Rent Investors



In spite of the slow real estate recovery there is still great opportunity for investors seeking  house flipping loans.

House flipping loans rehab_bronzeville_rehab_homes

That’s great news for home seekers and exciting news for  investors like your self to take advantage of the opportunity.

We here at Render Capital can help by providing top notch  lending terms and service for our renovation loans for investors program.

We want to aid you along with your quest to fulfill your dreams.

All of our house flipping loans include the property purchase and the renovation/construction costs.

Dreams are great, but only if they have a fair chance of becoming real!


We make  loans for flipping houses  simple by pre-qualifying you.

We then provide you with an easy, paperless application.

After submitting your house flipping loans application, someone will be contacting you to help you move forward.



Render Capital Hard Money Loans for Flipping Houses  

Only available in : CO ,CT,FL, GA, IL, MD, MI, MO, OH, PA, SC, TN, WA , WVA, VA



  • Lower Interest rates, higher LTV’s for experienced flippers or investors
  •  First time Flippers OK       
  •   Property Types: 1-4 unit residential,including townhomes ,PUDs and Condos  
  •   Pre-Approvals Provided  
  •  Fast Closing    
  •  Individuals can apply! LLC or other entity applicant welcome* 


                                                                                                                             * Fla,Ohio and Virginia must apply as an LLC or Corp

An Overview of our loan Program:
ALL Loans are for Non-Owner Occupied Investments. No Exceptions



Financial and Credit Guidelines                      Loan Costs                                     Loan Guidelines




     FAQ for House Flipping Loans                                                                       Loan Process for Flip loan

We have flexible terms, reasonable rates, and never surprise you with junk fees at closing.


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Renovate and Rent Program  1-4 unit properties

Roll your rehab property loan over into a Long Term Landlord Rental property loan.

The way its works.

First successfully obtain  our house flipping loan. Complete your renovation. Then after  just 6 months from the date you initiated the original flip loan, apply for the Landlord Rental program.

You will get a .5 basis point discount or $500 (whichever is greater), off of the regular origination costs of the rental program.  You must meet all of the terms and qualifications of the rental program.

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